Palmetto State Angels

t’s the season of giving, and at this time of the year state officials like to recognize organizations that give back not only during the holidays but all year long.

Wednesday, ten organizations were named Angel Charities.


One of those organizations is Defenders for Children. In 2018 they started a program where they donate K9s trained in electronic device detection to help the Internet Crimes Against Children teams within law enforcement agencies.

“One canine can cost over $23,000 and that covers the dog, handler training, dog training, some of the travel, and some of the placement cost for the agency,” said Toni Clark with Defenders for Children.

Now they have K9s in five South Carolina counties, and one Georgia county, and will be announcing their newest K9 soon who will work with a statewide agency.


“We have all the charities who are registered in South Carolina in our database,” said Hammond. “Please use us to help you when it comes to wise giving”.

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