Paving The Road To The American Dream

According to the latest South Carolina education report card, only around 22 percent of high school students in the Orangeburg County School District are considered college ready.


However, one Midlands community college is working with the district to change that and provide opportunities for students to continue their education after high school.


That opportunity is known as ‘The Hope Initiative’. Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College has partnered with the county school district to offer admission to all graduating seniors. “We call ourselves ‘the first stop on the road to the American dream.’ It is our hope to help students on that journey,” Dr. Tobin said. “We have a number of students who do not see themselves as college students. What I’m trying to do is create a place for them and let them know they’re supported. We can put them on a path to a good job and a great career as they transition out of high school.”


“We would love for our students to graduate, stick around, raise their families and make Orangeburg their home,” Tobin said. “Within a 50-mile radius, there’s a lot of jobs for our students if they take advantage of the careers here.”

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