Teacher Grows in Agriculture

The 2022 National AITC (Agriculture in the Classroom) Conference was held June 28-July 1 in Saratoga Springs, New York. Anna Brown was selected as a CHS Foundation Teacher scholarship winner and given free registration to attend the conference.

While attending the conference, Brown participated in various workshops. She attended a traveling seminar that visited a bee apiary. She dressed as a beekeeper, and examined bees at work in the hive. Participation with bees sparked an interest she explored after the conference. She completed a six-week pollinator course through Clemson Extension Service and has applied for another grant to bring more experiences to her classroom.


This past spring, Anna was awarded the S.C. Gardening Grant, sponsored by the S.C. Department of Education. This grant provided four raised beds and gardening equipment to use. Seasonal transplants will be delivered to the school throughout the school year for students to plant and watch them grow.


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