Two MPPD officers receive award for assisting family in crisis

Two MPPD officers receive award for assisting family in crisis

Two Mount Pleasant Police Department officers received recognition as First Responder of the Month at the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce luncheon Aug. 18.

Deputy Chief Tyrone Simmons honored Senior Police Officer Gary Reash and Patrol Officer First Class St. Claire Clinkscales for their combined efforts in helping a family needing assistance over a six month period.

In December 2021, Clinkscales met with the adult daughter of a woman suffering a drug addiction and developing mental health issues. Clinkscales met with the family during a call for service in December and again in April.

This situation did not involve any criminal activity or an urgent need for assistance, but Clinkscales remembered the December call and made sure to stay in touch with the family during the process instead of just referring her to call for further services.

PFC Clinkscales met with the family in person, contacted mental health services and explained every step of the process in detail so the family could be prepared. In a letter to the department the family wrote, “I got the feeling that the officer was genuinely trying to help.”

After their conversation, the family was able to go through the process on petitioning the court for an involutory commitment for their mother due to drug dependency and mental illness.

On the day of the hearing, the mom did not show up, and the family reached out to the department to do a welfare check. This time, Reash responded to the call. Again, being thorough, Reash didn’t just see that the woman was okay and leave, he listened to the family’s concerns on the phone and was able to convince the mom to attend the hearing to get the help she needed.

The family’s letter to the department concluded by saying that they believe that these officers worked together and did everything they could to have and brought a glimmer of hope to the family by taking a step in a positive direction.

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