47 years later, SC Vietnam Veteran receives 10 medals

 A South Carolina Vietnam veteran was awarded with 10 medals he should have received 47 years ago.

US Senator Tim Scott presented Sgt. Willie Norwood with the medals which include a purple heart and bronze star.

The delay began when the forms that the government uses to determine whether a serviceman or woman has earned medals weren’t properly filled out.

Years later, Norwood decided to work on getting those medals. Once all the paperwork was sorted out, Norwood’s medals were lost in the mail.

Norwood decided to get in touch with Senator Scott’s office for help.

Friday, Norwood was finally honored with those medals.

“I had no idea that this occasion would be of this magnitude. I thought I would just come and meet Senator Scott, pick up my box of medals, and go home, so this has just been such an honor for me. I just thank everybody involved. It’s just been awesome,” Norwood said.

Norwood was drafted into the army and served from 1968 to 1969.