Editorial: Don’t give up on police reform on the federal level

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said Wednesday that he hopes his much-needed police reform bill, killed by a Democratic filibuster in the Senate last month, might have a Lazarus moment and be revived.

Sen. Scott, R-S.C., bases his optimism on conversations with Democrats. He is reaching not just across the aisle but all the way across the lobby to the other chamber in discussions with House Democrats on a possible compromise bill. That shouldn’t be considered a bold strategy, but it is, and we also hope it works.

During a Friday forum on racism and reform sponsored by Columbia’s State newspaper, Sen. Scott said he has reached out to Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of California and other House Democrats to see if they can find a way forward. “I’m hopeful that Karen’s support and thorough understanding of the legislation … leads us forward.”

We hope for the same thing and that Sen. Scott’s efforts to find a viable compromise pay off. Meanwhile, our own Legislature needs to look hard at how best to restore confidence in the police in South Carolina.

Because as others have noted, while police reform on the federal level is important, the most important reforms still will take place at the state and local levels.

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