On July 4th, I celebrate my remarkable journey which is only possible in America

Two hundred forty six years ago today, the American experiment was born. In our birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers spelled out the fundamental rights given to us all by our Creator. They envisioned a nation built on freedom and fairness.

In the centuries that followed we often failed, but more often succeeded, in our journey toward a “more perfect union.” The resilience embedded in the DNA of America is what has united generations of citizens—people of all backgrounds—to come together to make the founders’ vision a reality. 


Do we have a ways to go as a nation? Absolutely. But America is the solution, not the problem. America is the beacon on the hill. It is the great land of opportunity that made my story of limitless potential possible. 

I believe that we are all created in the image of God with an infinite capacity to overcome the challenges set before us no matter the height of the obstacles. Wherever you may be in your journey, it is my sincere prayer that you will join me in preserving hope for the future of our nation for generations to come.

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