Sen. Tim Scott: Biden doesn’t understand national security is synonymous with energy independence

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told “America Reports” Wednesday that while Russia invades Ukraine the U.S. needs to ensure national security is synonymous with energy independence.

SEN. TIM SCOTT: I’ll say this without any question, when you think about importing over 600,000 barrels of oil at over $100 per barrel, you are talking about $60 million American dollars being pumped into the Russian economy. Had we went forward with the Keystone pipeline and had 800,000 barrels coming into our country over the next several months or years, we would be able to eliminate any dependence on Russian energy. This is a catastrophic decision that Biden made on his first day in office. 

That means that the prices that we are seeing today are reflective of his decisions a year ago, not reflective of the conflict that started days ago. We need better leadership in that country, we need to make sure that national security is indeed synonymous with energy independence. They are as close as wet is to water. They are inseparable. Why the president of the United States does not understand that, I have no clue.