Sen. Tim Scott delivers for the GOP — and for the nation

Kudos to Sen. Tim Scott for his slam-dunk response to President Joe Biden’s speech Wednesday night, calling out the president’s hypocrisy and demanding he start walking the “unity” walk.

And he did it with some killer lines, noting that “a president who promised to bring us together” is “pushing agendas that tear us apart” and scoffing of the refusal to negotiate on Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan that Democrats “won’t even build bridges to build bridges.”

Scott was particularly effective on Biden’s talk of “systemic racism.” He recounted his own experiences with discrimination, then declared: “America is not a racist country. It’s backwards to fight discrimination with different discrimination.” He scored again by hitting Democrats’ cynical lies about Georgia’s voting reforms, warning, “Race is not a political weapon to sell every issue the way one side wants.”

(Cue the ugly progressive tweets about “Uncle Tim,” slurs that exposed the hateful bias on the left for any person of color who doesn’t agree with them.)

In all, Scott did good not just for his party but for the whole nation. The elevated stature he earned with his speech might even get Democrats to stop filibustering his police-reform bill.