Sen. Tim Scott: The left is ‘putting politics over people’ regarding police reform

Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy” invited Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., to discuss his efforts on police reform despite the recent setbacks for the legislation.

Gowdy opened his segment remarking on the Democrats’ failure to pass police reform legislation last week. More notably, he commented that no Democrat received criticism for this failure despite abandoning the negotiation. Scott said this was part of the left “putting politics over people” and hoping to give President Biden a victory. 

“They are managing so many crises that I think they are looking for a way to give Biden a win. Think about Afghanistan crisis, the border crisis, crisis in the Middle East, crisis in spending, crisis in taxing. So they’re putting politics over people and focusing on a partisan victory. They are actually going to look for the perfect and make it the enemy of the good,” Scott said.

Scott also reiterated that 81 percent of African Americans want the same or more levels of policing in their neighborhoods. The bill, he claimed, would have actually worked to defund and restrict local policing.

Scott closed repeating his efforts to support local police in spite of Democrat efforts.

“Just remember this problem came to us because Chicago and Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, all big blue cities run by Democrat mayors and super majorities on their councils decided not to act on behalf of their most vulnerable communities. So yes, they’ve all tried to defund the police. We want to refund the police. Public safety is job one,” he said.