Sen. Tim Scott wants to lift SC high school students out of poverty with internship

As a young Black kid growing up in a single-parent household in North Charleston, Tim Scott often wondered how he would ever get out of poverty. At the time, he only saw only two paths: Becoming a professional athlete or becoming a professional entertainer.

Now a U.S. Senator representing South Carolina, Scott on Monday announced a new internship program that he hopes will offer high school students in his home state another path.

Called the Opportunity Internship, the goal is to connect South Carolina employers with rising juniors and seniors attending Title I high schools. These schools often have the most need because at least 40% of the student population belongs to low-income households.


“Too often, our brightest students are shut out of access to career opportunities because of their zip code or their socioeconomic status,” Scott, a Republican, said. “Opportunity Internships will help bridge this gap to both help these students realize their full potential and companies invest in the next generation of South Carolina leaders.”

Scott said he also hopes the program will become a model for other states to replicate.

An internship fair will be held in Charleston in May. Details for the event are still being finalized, but Scott’s office confirmed the in-person event will also have a virtual component. Discussions are underway about providing additional internship fairs, too.

The first internship fair is being hosted by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, United Way Association of South Carolina and Scott’s office.


Additional employers who may be interested in participating in the Opportunity Internship fair are asked to contact