Senators Scott, Graham speak out on planned overhaul of the Federal Criminal Justice System

WASHINGTON (WCBD) – President Donald Trump is throwing his support behind a bill that would overhaul the federal criminal justice system.

“The First Step Act” reduces prison time for some non-violent offenders. It also helps inmates learn skills to succeed as law-abiding citizens once they are out of jail.

“We want to be smart on crime and also fair, and some of the laws that are on the books have dis-appropriately impacted certain races and groups of people,” said Ja’Ron Smith, Special Assistant to President Trump.

The White House says it would only impact federal inmates.

Both of South Carolina’s senators responded to the white house request, that the Senate pass the bill before the end of the year.

Senator Tim Scott, the bill’s only Senate Republican co-sponsor, released a statement saying he is “thrilled” for the President’s support.  

He went on to say, “I will also continue to advocate to the President that he nominate a new Attorney General that is passionate about criminal justice reform and further steps that can be taken in this area.”

Senator Lindsey Graham. Said Congress should pass it, adding “this bipartisan legislation gives nonviolent offenders an earned second chance and should dramatically reduce the recidivism rate by focusing on skills necessary for people to stay out of prison.”