Tim Scott: If Trump gets 14 percent of the African-American vote in November, it’s ‘game over’

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said Tuesday President Trump’s key to reelection this November is the African-American vote, which has been one of the Democrats’ key constituencies in recent decades.

In 2016, Trump earned 8 percent of the black vote compared to 89 percent for Hillary Clinton. Scott told “The Story” host Martha MacCallum that he has seen polls showing the president with 30 percent support from African-Americans.

“He can be between 14 and 16 percent in 2020,” said Scott, who added that such a result would be “pretty phenomenal — game over.”

Scott became the first African-American Republican senator elected from a Southern state since Reconstruction. The first two African-American senators were both Mississippi Republicans from the 1870s — Blanche Bruce and Hiram Revels. Since that time, most African-American senators have been Democrats, and most Democratic presidents have enjoyed overwhelming support from that voting bloc.

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