Tim Scott: Pelosi holding small-business funding ‘hostage’ during economic crisis

Republican Sen. Tim Scott accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of holding funding for small businesses across the country “hostage” during a financial crisis.

“This is a serious situation, that we should not have a lapse in funding,” Scott said Sunday. “We should tell Ms. Nancy Pelosi, ‘Please give us our paychecks.’ People need their paychecks. And stop holding it hostage in order to do something else.”

Part of the $2 trillion economic relief bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last month is the Paycheck Protection Program, a nearly $350 billion effort allocating eight weeks of cash flow to qualifying small businesses so they can pay employees and avoid layoffs.

Funding for the program has run dry, and Congress is working this week to strike a deal to replenish it.

“People are calling every single day,” Scott said. “Hundreds are calling our offices, thousands, I’m sure, throughout this nation because they want their paychecks, and we shouldn’t stand in the way of making that happen.”

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