TIM SCOTT: ‘Virtue Signaling is to Pretend to Love, It’s Not Actually Caring, Though’

Senator Tim Scott weighed-in Wednesday on the state of America’s culture and the rise of virtue signaling in modern life; calling the act “pretending to love but not actually caring.”

“I decided I wanted to share some of my thoughts… Virtue signaling is to pretend to love, it’s pretending to care. It’s not actually caring, though,” said Scott.

“Virtue signaling is like words that are hollow. You can literally hear an echo in the words. What we want is a culture that is sustainable… We’re not going to flip the script and simply start doing to others what they did to us,” he added.

“What’s really right is to hate what is wrong. That means I will no longer turn a blind eye to something that is wrong,” concluded the Senator.