Tim Scott: What I would tell America in a SOTU address

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., outlined three things he would tell the American people if he was giving his own State of the Union address.

During an appearance on the debut of “Sunday Night in America” with Trey Gowdy, Scott, who gave the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union last month, was asked what he thinks the state of America is right now and what he would say in a hypothetical national address. 

First off, Scott said that he would first reaffirm to Americans who they are and what the United States is as a collective. 

“We are the most compassionate, capable, courageous people on the planet,” said Scott. “Sometimes we forget that—and the first thing I would do is remind us of who we are.”

Secondly, the South Carolina senator said he would assure Americans “we will confront our challenges together, whether those are social or economic or global challenges.”

Scott also referenced his earlier comments where he asserted that the United States is not a racist country, despite being discriminated against during his own life. He argued that the “one thing you don’t do” in order to end discrimination is “have more discrimination.”

Scott said that he would instead work on a plan to expand opportunities for all Americans.

“The thing I’d do next is close with something more optimistic—that the next American century starts here, it starts now, and it starts with you, and it starts with me,” Scott stated as his final point.


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