Bridging the Wealth Gap

With the right tools and opportunities, Americans can achieve financial security, provide for their families, gain an education, start a business, buy a house, and engage in the modern economy – without unnecessary red tape and regulations. Having a salary is a great thing, but building wealth for your family’s future is an amazing thing, The more we can bridge the wealth gap that has developed in our nation, the more successful we will all be.

The bipartisan Financial Literacy Caucus, which I co-chair, serves as a platform for promoting the practices, skills, and policy levers most likely to produce responsible and robust savings, along with wealth creation. Retirement security has been one of my top priorities, and I successfully led the charge to increase access to retirement plans and enhance savings through the enactment of the SECURE Act.

Through the enactment of my MOBILE Act, individuals in underbanked and underserved communities can easily open bank accounts and quickly connect to banking services. My Credit Score Competition and Credit Access And Inclusion Acts allow individuals to use alternative means of showing “good credit” – including making rent and utility payments. I will continue working to expand, adapt, and educate people about banking, entrepreneurism, finance, and financial literacy to encourage economic uplift.  

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