ICYMI: Scott Talks Economy, Labor Market on Making Money with Charles Payne

WASHINGTON – This week, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business to discuss the Biden administration’s mishandling of the economy and how Republican policies can benefit the American people.


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On the Biden administration’s mishandling of the economy … “[T]hey fundamentally misunderstand the American economy, without any question. And we should focus on bringing home our resources—onshoring, not offshoring. We should look for ways to develop millions of new jobs in the areas of energy and cyber and technology. We should focus ourselves on states like South Carolina, where we have a high-tech manufacturing hub, where we’re bringing and producing more things here at home and then selling them other places.”

On Democrat policies shipping jobs overseas … “The truth is that we are simply seeing jobs exported from our country, not because the competition is better someplace else, but because of the environmental concerns being raised. And that means that the people who are most vulnerable in this nation—people living paycheck-to-paycheck—now have fewer options, higher prices, and a more bleak outlook. … And frankly, we should do better..”

On his Employee Rights Act of 2022 … “The truth is that when you look at the Left’s approach to the future of our employment, they want everyone as a part of a union. This bill says right-to-work states like South Carolina and 26 others, they get to keep their laws. It’s creating higher wages, more employment, and a higher quality of life. The Left, their approach is looking back to the past, while ours is looking to the future.”