ICYMI: Sen. Scott Lays Out Vision to Restore Opportunity for Americans and Spur Economic Growth on Fox Business’ Kudlow

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee, joined Fox Business’ Kudlow to discuss how lower taxes and reduced spending can address record inflation levels and restore opportunity for all Americans. 


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On battling against the Biden administration’s rampant spending… “We have a spending crisis in this nation. The radical left has convinced Joe Biden to go along with it hand in glove. Literally, we spend too much, we tax too much, and then they blame too much. The truth of this administration is glaringly obvious. They should spend more time in the mirror blaming themselves.”

On how to create growth in the American economy… “The secret sauce of American progress is telling the truth. If we spend less, people keep their money. If they keep their money, they grow our economy. Why do we grow the economy? It’s because you know how to spend your money better than we do. It’s the most effective and efficient way for us to use capital… I say, let the people keep their money and watch the economy go boom.”

On the success of incentive-based opportunity zones… “If we had an incentive-based economy, specifically like my opportunity zones – we’ve seen in just since 2019 – 29 billion dollars flowing into the hardest hit economic areas of the country. And what happened in 2019?  We had the lowest levels of poverty ever recorded in the history of the country. And why?… When we give people the opportunity to invest in each other, it shows that we have faith in America, faith in our future, and faith in the free market.”