Scott, Young Reintroduce Legislation to Promote Competition, Protect Taxpayer Dollars in Government Contracting

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) joined Todd Young (R-Ind.) and 18 of their Senate colleagues in reintroducing the Fair and Open Competition Act (FOCA), which would prevent the federal government from mandating project labor agreements (PLAs) on federal projects funded by taxpayers. This legislation would provide more opportunities to bid on government work, increase workforce competition, lower government construction costs, and save taxpayer dollars.

“Government-mandated project labor agreements threaten the construction industry’s ability to bounce back from the economic upheaval caused by this administration,” said Senator Scott. “As our economy continues its struggle to rebound, we should be offering pro-worker, pro-growth solutions that drive competition and innovation, not using workers’ and businesses’ downfall as a ploy to push a political agenda. It’s time more people face down the big labor unions and stand up for workers and businesses.”

“The Fair and Open Competition Act is pro-worker legislation that will restore competition in the construction industry, protect Hoosier workers from discriminatory contracts, and lower costs for taxpayers,” said Senator Young. “Growing up with a dad who ran a small business and around family members and close friends who were union members, I appreciate what everyone brings to the table. This bill strikes the right balance to ensure all types of contractors can bid on these federal construction projects on their own merits without circumscribing who can win the award.” 

Read the bill here.