ICYMI: Sen Scott: “We Need a Deal That Simply Says, Joe Biden, Do Your Job.”

WASHINGTON — Today, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends to discuss the illegal immigration crisis caused by the Biden administration’s open border policy. The Senator expressed concern over the recently released border “deal”, which would only exacerbate the crisis by codifying catch and release and allowing millions more to settle in the U.S. Senator Scott instead urged President Biden to reinstate successful border security policies such as Remain in Mexico and Title 42 – which President Biden rescinded – and enforce current U.S. immigration laws.

Watch the interview here.

On the Senate border deal President Biden is pushing… “This deal is just too short. It doesn’t get to the finish line, and more importantly, President Biden right now can get the job done. He does not need any legislative action… If you don’t have the will to enforce the laws already on the books – adding more laws to the books that only codifies another 2 million illegal immigrants  how are we going to explain that to our constituents? If we think that there are sleeper cells in our country because of 10 million illegal immigrants coming across our border, how do we justify another 2 million? We need a deal. But we need a deal that simply says, Joe Biden, do your job.”  

On the White Houses’ deliberate acts to open the border… “President Biden undid the successful measures that Trump put in place. If you can undo them, you can put them back again. So President Biden does not need legislative action to secure our border That is simply a lie to the American people. What President Biden needs is a test of fortitude togo ahead and do his job right now.”

On how President Biden could end the border crisis right now… “He could restore the Remain in Mexico policy. Instead of going towards catch and release, instead of allowing 5,000 illegal immigrants a day, which is about 1.8 million a year, why not finish thewall, secure our border, double the number of agents down there and make America safer under his presidency? But he’s more interested in the politics of immigration than he is solving the problem of the greatest invasion in America history coming across our illegal open southern border.”