Sen. Scott Renews Call for Accountability Amid NY Nursing Home Scandal

In case you missed it, just one week ago all 50 Senate Democrats voted against Senator Tim Scott’s amendment to hold states accountable that misreport COVID-related nursing home deaths.

Now, new reports show that Governor Cuomo’s administration knowingly withheld the state’s nursing home death toll.

Last night, Senator Scott issued the following statement: “Last week, every Senate Democrat voted against my amendment to hold states like New York accountable for misreporting data on COVID-related nursing home deaths. Now we find out the truth. This is unacceptable, & those involved must be held accountable.

WATCH Senator Scott’s remarks from last week demanding accountability for nursing home deaths:

SEN. TIM SCOTT: Colleagues, as of last month, two out of every five COVID-related deaths in this country are either residents of nursing homes or the staff of nursing homes.

Inaccurate information affects life-and-death decisions for communities. Requiring states to provide accurate data is common sense for anyone who believes, as I do, that we should have a science-based, fact-driven response to this pandemic.

We should not offer more funding to states that have mismanaged and then covered up their pandemic response until they fix it. It simply makes no sense. That is why my colleagues should join me in supporting this amendment.