Senator Scott Fights Job-Killing Artificial Minimum Wage Hike

Late last night, the Senate unanimously agreed to a budget amendment co-sponsored by U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) to prevent an artificial minimum wage hike to $15 during the pandemic, which would destroy jobs and crush small businesses already on life support.

As millions of businesses have closed their doors and thousands more are on the verge of closing permanently, Senator Scott has been a vocal champion for job-creators that are trying to make it through the pandemic. Some of the hardest hit, especially in South Carolina, have been restaurant owners. Earlier this week, the senator visited with a bar manager from a DC restaurant who talked about how the Democrats’ plan to artificially increase the minimum wage would cut her paycheck. CLICK HERE to watch that conversation.

Senator Scott also spoke to Chef John, the owner of the same restaurant, about the impact the Democrats’ wage plan would have on his business: longer days, reduced staff, and increased expenses. While the Senate rightly agreed to not increase the minimum wage during the pandemic, this fight is not over. Businesses and workers will need support as the economic recovery continues for years to come. CLICK HERE to watch Senator Scott’s latest installment in his minimum wage series.

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Prior to the Senate voting on the Ernst-Scott minimum wage amendment, support from advocates poured in for Senator Scott’s own amendment to stop an artificial minimum wage hike:

Heritage Action: Legislation is not a magic wand and there are real-world consequences to politicians’ meddling in the market. Senator Tim Scott is listening to his constituents. Hear one South Carolina bar manager describe how a $15 minimum wage would hurt workers.

Americans for Tax Reform: Senators should support Senator Tim Scott’s amendment to prohibit an increase in the minimum wage from taking effect during the pandemic.

Taxpayers Protection Alliance: Fortunately, there is at least one voice of reason in DC.  When Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) heard about the proposal he noted that, “Forcing a $15 minimum wage into a coronavirus relief bill would do nothing but shutter the millions of small businesses already on life support and would force those that survive to lay off employees.”

Key Supporters also included the National Federation for Independent Business, National Restaurant Association, International Franchise Association, FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, and the National Taxpayers Union.