Senator Scott, Colleagues Spotlight Democrats’ Self-Inflicted Crises

WASHINGTON – Today in a press conference with Senate Republicans, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) highlighted crises caused by Democrat leadership and warned of the dangerous policies in their $3.5 trillion spending plan.

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On self-inflicted Democrat crises … “Crisis after crisis after crisis … The Democrats are in disarray without any question. How does that all translate to the average person living in this country? We’ve heard about the border crisis … Afghanistan, taxing and spending crisis. All of that lands on the shoulders of every-day Americans.”

On inflation caused by reckless spending … “The price [of their proposal] is astounding. It is hard to digest $3.5 trillion after a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan and a $1.9 trillion COVID plan with less than 10 percent going to COVID health or COVID vaccines. That spending is just enormous. … When you drive up to the pump and your gas prices are up 40 plus percent … when your electric bill is up 20 percent … the impact is devastating.”

On harmful policies in the Democrats’ tax-and-spend bill … “When we’re talking about giving the IRS permission to spy on accounts for every transaction at $600 or more, you’re destabilizing one of the greatest systems of commerce in the world. …

“The amount of devastation being done by the programs and the policies, in addition to the price, makes this spending crisis an incredible threat to the American Dream. The accelerator to socialism can be seen by the policy designs in this reconciliation vehicle.”