Senator Scott Praises Treasury Department’s Final Action on Opportunity Zones

WASHINGTON—Today, Senator Tim Scott released the following statement on the Treasury Department’s final regulations on Opportunity Zones, one of the nation’s most bipartisan initiatives to combat poverty.

“The past fifty years of fighting poverty through government-led programs has only proved to perpetuate the cycle of generational poverty. My Opportunity Zones initiative gives us a new chance to get it right,” said Senator Scott. “Finalized guidelines will provide the clarity and certainty necessary for both communities and investors to fully utilize the Opportunity Zones incentive. I’ve worked hard to ensure that the Treasury Department was able to accomplish this before the end of the year, and am thankful for Secretary Mnuchin and the White House for seeing it through to the finish line. I look forward to implementation and the good work that stems from this remarkable bipartisan law.”

Click HERE to read the regulations.