WTAS: Senator Scott’s Response to the Joint Address

In case you missed it, Senator Tim Scott delivered the official Republican response to President Biden’s joint address on Wednesday night.


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 What They Are Saying: 

The Wall Street Journal: Tim Scott’s GOP Revival Message
The worst job in Washington is delivering the out-of-power party’s rebuttal to a President’s address to Congress. Invariably the poor soul looks small in comparison to a President addressing all branches of government and the American people from the well of the House. Until Tim Scott. … In sum, Sen. Scott offered an optimistic Republican vision that stresses the dignity of work, individual freedom over government dependence, and belief in the principle of equal opportunity for all to rise.

The New York Post: Sen. Tim Scott delivers for the GOP — and for the nation
Kudos to Sen. Tim Scott for his slam-dunk response to President Joe Biden’s speech Wednesday night, calling out the president’s hypocrisy and demanding he start walking the “unity” walk.

National Review: Senator Scott’s Home Run
I’d recommend that everyone read Senator Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s address last night. … [H]e showed real, unifying leadership on the national stage at a time when that is desperately needed from the political right. Bravo.

AZ Central: If Biden is serious about bipartisanship, he can start with Sen. Tim Scott
Sen. Tim Scott (R–S.C.) delivered the optimism and healing that Biden missed. … Scott’s response Wednesday focused on real-world unity. He noted that the GOP Senate passed five bipartisan COVID-19 packages last year with 90 or more votes in the Senate. “Common sense found common ground,” Scott said.

Jake Tapper: “You heard there an inspiring and hopeful and at times even religious message from the man perceived to be a rising star in his party.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence: “Congratulations and Thank You to @SenatorTimScott for a strong, honest, and truly inspiring GOP Response last night! He took the case for our Conservative philosophy straight to the American people and did an Outstanding Job! Flag of United States.” 

Nikki Haley: “What an uplifting and honest speech by @SenatorTimScott. You make me proud to be an American AND a South Carolinian.”

Governor Henry McMaster: “@SenatorTimScott delivered a message that was both inspiring and unifying tonight. His life story embodies everything that is great about South Carolina. His success is everything our children should dream for. South Carolina is grateful for such a strong leader in congress.”

Governor Greg Abbott: “@SenatorTimScott’s incredible story reminds us of the American dream. He’s perfectly delivering the conservative vision of a freer, safer, and more prosperous country.”

Karl Rove: “[Biden’s speech] will advance his agenda but I thought it was really overwhelmed by Tim Scott’s speech… I thought it was powerful—opportunity zones, police reform, tax cuts, criminal justice reform, historically black colleges and universities, rebuilding the military. Every time he could he was talking about republican ideals.”

Chris Wallace: “That was a great speech. Tim Scott has mad political skills… He is a great spokesman for the party and a great counterpoint to Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

Ben Domenech: “This is an enormously impressive performance on Tim Scott’s part, and I think that it speaks to his continued relevance within the Republican party and the coalition going forward…”

Ainsley Earhardt: “He was impressive… Everyone in South Carolina is proud of him and supports him. He is elevating himself—the best speech he has ever given.”

Meghan McCain: “I’m a huge fan of [Senator Scott’s]. I think he is a bright future of the Republican party. He told a story about growing up in poverty and having to move in with his grandmother… he went on to explain policy reasons why he’s a Republican.”

Kayleigh McEnany: Rarely does the other party’s response exceed the actual congressional address. The pomp and circumstance simply doesn’t allow it. Tonight, that was the case in @SenatorTimScott’s response. His words were POWERFUL! Just wow…”

Pastor Greg Laurie: “An amazing response to the President’s speech tonight from my friend, @SenatorTimScott I love how his faith came through so boldly.”