Overcoming Obstacles

Not only do sports teach us life lessons, but the people involved in them also teach us. One of those people is Dorman Football Equipment Manager Andrew Gregory, who’s passing his perseverance and positivity to the players.


“I am diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and I was born 11 weeks early,” Andrew said. “I look at myself and I focus on what I can do. I don’t focus on what I can’t do. So therefore, I just saw that this is what I could do to achieve my dream, and I went for it.”


Andrew going for his dream of being part of the football team, despite his condition, has turned into a mentality for the entire Dorman program. “I consider him just as much a part of this team as anybody else,” Coach Morris said. “He is not only a manager of our team, but he is a beacon of our team that our kids can look to. It builds in them the courage to take the next step even when adversity is there.”


Coach Morris said he still remembers the manager from his own playing days at Dorman about 15 years ago, who also had special needs, named Chase Lawless.

Morris said he still looks back on the lessons of encouragement, positivity and perseverance that Chase taught him, and he hopes his players take those same lessons from Andrew.

Andrew’s next goal is to go to a two-year college locally before transferring to Clemson and being a manager on Coach Dabo Swinney’s staff.

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