Scott’s Police Reform Could Be a Key for GOP

Regarding your editorial “Blocking Police Reform” (June 24): For years Democrats have been reaping black votes, while sowing very little that actually improves minority lives. The Senate Democrats refusal to even debate police reform is the latest example of the party ignoring the plight of their constituents to score imaginary points in a game no one wins. For voters like me, who didn’t support Donald Trump in 2016 but find themselves equally disgusted by current Democratic antics, Sen. Tim Scott’s recitation of his and President Trump’s accomplishments for the black community is eye opening.

Mr. Scott’s personal experience with racism and poverty, along with his eloquence and his seemingly singular ability to bring out the best in President Trump, are tailor made for these tumultuous times. If the president and the senator released plans for national school choice and increasing minority homeownership, both of which are necessary to close the ever-widening wealth gap, many voters would be willing to overlook President Trump’s personality flaws. The country is quite literally burning. We need more from our leaders than kneeling in culturally appropriated African garb. Tim Scott is our best bet.