Sen. Tim Scott takes his push for parental rights in schools to the Ronald Reagan Library

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is one of the leading Republicans in Congress who’s pushing to make parental involvement in education a GOP priority.

And Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate and a rising star in his party, is taking his message to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday night, where he’ll spotlight his efforts as he delivers a wide-ranging address on his vision for the future of the conservative movement.


Scott, who’s been a leading advocate for parents’ rights, will say, according to excepts shared with Fox News ahead of his address, that “if a mom can’t read a book at a school board meeting because it’s too vulgar, why in the world would we allow our kids to read it in the classroom? To fix that we should demand that parents have access to their child’s curriculum.”

With inflation soaring to its highest levels in four decades, Scott will also take aim at the Democrats and blame their massive government spending programs for the dramatic rise in consumer prices.


The senator will use his speech to share his belief that “conservatism is a set of deeply held beliefs that when properly communicated, when faithfully implemented, when actually lived can change your life and the life of a country.”

“I believe in conservatism because it changed my life,” he’ll note. “It was education, hard work and faith that allowed my family to go from cotton to Congress in one lifetime…. Conservatism is my personal proof there is no ceiling in life. I can go as high as my character, my education and my perseverance will take me.”


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