As part of my mission to positively affect the lives of a billion people with a message of hope and opportunity, the Opportunity Agenda was founded on the principle that all Americans should have the opportunity to succeed. It seeks to help the folks who are working hard to achieve their dreams and improve their quality of life through apprenticeships, quality education, and reinvesting in low-income communities. 

Investing in Opportunity Act

More than 50 million Americans currently live in distressed zip codes. The Investing in Opportunity Act is innovative, bipartisan legislation that would incentivize long-term investment in these communities, without creating a new government program. It offers a temporary capital gains deferral in exchange for reinvesting those dollars into distressed communities over the long-term.


When parents have a choice, their children have a chance to succeed. My Creating Hope and Opportunity for Individuals and Communities through Education (CHOICE) Act would give military families, families of students with disabilities, and low-income students in our nation’s capital access to greater educational opportunity.


With more than six million open jobs across America, many employers explain the reason they have not hired for these positions is a lack of available trained workers. The Leveraging and Energizing America’s Apprenticeship Programs (LEAP) Act works to help increase the number of registered apprenticeships in the U.S. to put more people to work and help fill job vacancies across the country. It incentivizes companies to expand their apprenticeship programs using a South Carolina-style model to help folks earn while they learn.

Tax Reform

If we want to help single mothers, like my mom, keep more of their money, grandparents save for retirement, and young entrepreneurs save to start their own business — Tax Reform is an incredibly important step. I like to put it simply, we want to help you #KeepYoMoney, and we can accomplish this with comprehensive tax reform that focuses on hardworking, middle class Americans.