Sen. Tim Scott: Impeachment trial witness debate about ‘removing at least four’ GOP senators from office

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Monday that the debate over whether to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial isn’t about whether to remove President Trump from office, but about making vulnerable senators facing reelection later this year take “tough votes.”

“But what I do realize is that the whole conversation about witnesses have nothing to do with impeaching the president. It has everything to do with removing at least four senators from office who are Republicans,” Scott said.  “The subplot to having witnesses, witnesses before the Senate, has nothing to do with illuminating the case of bringing more information to the surface.”

Scott said it was not the Senate’s responsibility is not to “expand” the House’s case.

“If the House doesn’t like the case isn’t over, then they need to do something in the house to change that case,” Scott said. “But our responsibility as jurors is to hear the case, not add to it, not illuminate, not expand it. That decision is a House decision and not a decision made by the jurors.”

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